Bid Day Baskets

Arkansas State University's sorority recruitment is right around the corner and Bid Day will be here before you know it!   Rush 2021 begins in August with Bid Day on Saturday, August 21st. Bid Day is a very exciting time of making new friends and great memories. Let us help kick off your daughter’s start to some of the best years of her life with a Bid Day basket!

What is a Bid Day Basket? A Bid Day Basket is a special surprise sent to new members once they have accepted a bid. Baskets are filled with the most stylish and one of a kind items! We are always designing new sorority merchandise based on the most popular trends as well as timeless traditions to ensure your daughter receives the greatest quality around. You can’t go wrong with a gift from Pink Ink!

On Bid Day we will receive a “Bid List” from each sorority. WE ARE NOT AWARE OF WHICH SORORITY THE GIRLS WILL BE PLEDGING UNTIL AFTER THEY HAVE RECEIVED THEIR BIDS. Once we receive the list, Baskets will be delivered to the Sorority Houses.

If we do not see the girl's name on the Bid Day list we will deliver a "happy" basket filled with A-State non-greek items to her dorm. 

If she receives a bid, but for whatever reason decides to not accept that bid, please let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel your order. Unless we are notified by you, we have no way to know if a bid is not accepted. If a bid is not accepted, baskets are returnable for 72 hours for a store credit.